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There is no doubt we are privileged to have some of the most talented design professionals in the industry who give all they have every day to ensure our success. We applaud their strengths, improve their weaknesses and clearly leverage their talents. They range from our project assistants and receptionist, to our most senior professionals. It’s a shame it’s not possible here to give the recognition owed each and every one of them, for they are each an invaluable contribution to our success. As we grow larger, space would doubtless be an issue! This page may, however, give you some insight into the kinds of personalities that flow within our firm.


It’s our people that bring the expertise not just to move a project from inception to completion, but to get it there on time, within budget and looking the best it can. From designers at the beginning to contract administrators at the end, we are blessed with some truly capable staff. If the success of our firm is a reflection of our people, we should expect to be in good shape for many years to come! People are just simply our most important asset.

“Over the course of developing more than 7,000 units, you figure out some architects are great at design. Some are great at creating a functional project. Very few can do both. The Preston Partnership is the best at marrying both form and function. They design beautiful buildings that are affordable and efficient. They are the best.”
– John W. Long, South City Partners