114 Earle

2018 MFE Merit Award Winner114 Earle is a student housing community located only a quarter mile off of Clemson University’s campus. 114 Earle provides 706 beds in 227 apartment units in a mixture of 4 and 5 story, timber-framed residential buildings on a sloped 3.69 acre site. Four uniquely themed courtyards give students opportunities to connect and unwind around fire pits, grilling stations, lounge areas and game courts. Special features include 6,224 sf of street level commercial space, a two story amenity area and a pool courtyard. Well received both by the public and the city, 114 Earle is a transformational infill project that is designed to encourage pedestrian activity, activating the restaurants and shops of downtown Clemson. The project is a Preston collaboration with Preston Interiors.

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