Young Professionals


It’s rare these days to find the apprenticeship style of training that used to exist in the olden days. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a graduate architect, engineer, interior designer or landscape architect, it’s clearly tough these days to get the training you really need. We recognized this a long time ago and developed a program to help nurture our young professionals. It’s a fairly straightforward approach focused on helping them get registered in any way we can. Listed below are just a few of the things we do for the younger members of our firm:

  • Assignment of senior level individual mentors.
  • Family friendly “studio approach” with 6-10 people.
  • Intern and team build sessions at Lake Oconee (very popular).
  • Brown bag technical lunches.
  • Open book financial policy that you just won’t find elsewhere.
  • Paid time off to sit the exams. 100% reimbursement of exam fees.
  • Access to study materials, mock exams and study guides.

We’ll give them tremendous support, but at the end of the day, our young professionals will need to be the ones to take the initiative to progress in their careers. We’ll even give an automatic pay raise when they pass the exam. Now, you won’t find that at many other firms.

“Fortune-Johnson has had the pleasure to build several of The Preston Partnership’s award-winning designs.  Bob and his team are experts at achieving the perfect balance of innovative design with function and affordability.  Their responsiveness and dependability create a collaborative environment for both the developer and the contractor.”
– Brett Fortune, Fortune-Johnson, Inc.