We Can Think Globally and Act Locally – Canstruction 2015

Posted on December 21st, 2015

The Preston Partnership recently participated in Atlanta’s 2015 Canstruction, a charity competition where the design community competes by creating structures made entirely from canned foods. The recipient of the food and donated funds is the Atlanta Community Food Bank. 2015 was also a landmark year for CANstruction Atlanta, which collected and donated over $20,000 and 50,795 pounds of food for the Atlanta Community Food Bank.

The theme of our structure, We Can Think Globally and Act Locally, portrays a global mind structured in form by local action. Our structure was composed entirely of 7,002 tuna cans. This year our structure was dedicated to Bill Bolling, a man whose local actions include the founding of the Atlanta Community Food Bank in 1979, and whose global influence helped to start up food banks around the world. Thank you for your service!

This year, we won awards for both Juror’s Favorite and Most Cans!

This year’s overall team included: Adam Blatner, Adam Carroll, Adam Parrish, Ashleigh Hoppe, Cameron Palm, Carolyn Mraz, Chad Perusse, Fang Wang, Joe Reboulet, Katy McNulty, Marissa Swanson, Matt Belt, Mel Doyle, Mohit Savur, Nata Saslafsky, Neil Esser, Neil Waddle, Nick Buck, Nick Valvo, Patsy Yike, Tami Wolf, Todd Reed and Whitney Hackett.

We also owe a huge round of thanks to Nick Telesca and Branch Properties, Chicken of the Sea, and Ellinwood+ Machado for their support of this year’s build with their generous sponsorship that helped us to take on such a mammoth project.



“For many years, we have considered The Preston Partnership one of our preferred design professionals, from the accuracy of their planning and preliminary density studies, through design document production, to coordination with the Owner and Contractor team during construction.  We always look to find more business to do with Preston’s team given our long-standing relationship….we see them as a partner in every project, not just a third party consultant.”
– Michael Blair, Pollack Shores Real Estate Group