The Preston Factor


I promised myself a few things when I started my own firm back in 1995. The first was to strive unconditionally to service the needs of our clients and to always put their needs before those of our own. The second was to never lose touch with our people. I remember numerous occasions while working for other firms when the boss was disconnected from the staff. Our people are simply our single most valuable asset and our success is inherently tied to them. Period. The third was to constantly grow and diversify to ensure the professional and financial growth of our people. The fourth was to find some light hearted humor in what we do, for there is too often a serious side to our profession that needs balance with laughter and fun.


Those that know me well know I am driven to success by an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for what I do. I try hard to think alongside our clients at thirty thousand feet, while finding ways to stay in touch with every aspect of the firm. I have a clear vision of where our firm needs to go and I thrive on the challenge of getting there. Most importantly perhaps, I thrive on coaching my staff in what is a great place to work and a fun place to be. I am indeed very fortunate to not just love my job, but to do it with some of the most talented staff in the industry. At this point in my career, it gives me more confidence than ever that our growth and success will continue.

“Over the course of developing more than 7,000 units, you figure out some architects are great at design. Some are great at creating a functional project. Very few can do both. The Preston Partnership is the best at marrying both form and function. They design beautiful buildings that are affordable and efficient. They are the best.”
– John W. Long, South City Partners