Nationwide Experience


We’ve built our practice around multiple offices across the country and expanded our boundaries in similar fashion. Whether it’s Texas, Colorado, Florida or Vermont, our ability to work out of town is one of our greatest strengths. We’ll jump on a plane early to research a project and we’ll meet a host of people in the process from building code officials, zoning administrators, fire marshals, planners, permit expeditors, contractors, attorneys, subcontractors and more. We go out of our way to meet them all to ensure we understand their programs and their expectations. From questions on code to time frames for permit. By the time we get back, we don’t just know the road blocks and the pitfalls. We’ve figured a way to get around them and we know what it takes to get a project done. You’d truly be surprised how easy it is to get the answers if the time is taken early to simply ask the questions.


Taking our relationship out of town is a better proposition than starting one from scratch. We have a host of projects already built and many more in design or construction all across the country. Almost 80% of our project portfolio has been built outside of Atlanta. From small projects to large ones, our clients are increasingly looking to us for help with their nationwide needs. At the end of the day, we expect to be in more cities than ever before. It’s a reputation we’ve worked hard to obtain and a trend we hope to continue!

“We have worked with The Preston Partnership for a number of years and they have always brought a unique combination of creativity, problem solving, and deep market knowledge necessary to make a project a success.”
– Steven L. Shores, Pollack Shores Real Estate Group