Multidisciplinary Factor


We recognized a long time ago that successful project completion goes well beyond the expertise of architects. It is an absolute collaborative effort among a host of consultants including landscape architects, structural engineers, interior designers and MEP engineers. Success is vested heavily in close coordination and frequent communication. It is increasingly difficult for most firms to achieve, with ever more demanding deadlines and far away consultants.


In response to the above, we bring them all together through a combination of in-house expertise and preferred consultant relationships. Despite the arguments against an integrated approach, our process is simple and fundamentally better. It involves constant communication and thorough coordination. At a time when technology is pushing people further apart, we are reversing the trend and spending more time together. Face to face weekly and bi-weekly meetings, for example, have become staples of our success. It’s also about relationship building and commitment to each other. Most importantly, our collaborative, multi-disciplinary and preferred consultant approach results in project completion up to 30% faster, allowing our clients to close on their loans, save considerable money in interest and begin construction more quickly. This fast track style approach to design has proven beneficial on numerous occasions to our clients.

“Fortune-Johnson has had the pleasure to build several of The Preston Partnership’s award-winning designs.  Bob and his team are experts at achieving the perfect balance of innovative design with function and affordability.  Their responsiveness and dependability create a collaborative environment for both the developer and the contractor.”
– Brett Fortune, Fortune-Johnson, Inc.