Lakeside Living


You know, we’ll all look back from a time many years from now, and we’ll undoubtedly reflect on our careers. All the great buildings we designed, all the long hours we worked and all the accomplishments we achieved. And it will be impressive, no doubt. But more than anything, we are more likely to look back at the friendships we built, the relationships we fostered and the good times surrounded by laughter. And, we bet, when it’s all said and done, we’ll find those to be the memories we cherish the most!


Relationship building in our industry is as much about the ability to perform as it is taking the time to get to know each other. Whether with employees, clients or consultants, when those two things are combined, friendships will likely result. Friendships, however, do not happen overnight. The time must be found to nurture them and that can be tough to do when deadlines leave little time for anything else but work. In response to this, we built a retreat at Lake Oconee where we’re able to get away from the rigors of work. It’s a place for friendship and fun, laughter and loving, team building sessions and weekend getaways with our families. It’s a pretty special place we worked hard to create. It’s not that we can’t live without it. It’s just that it’s become an invaluable asset in allowing us to occasionally get away from the deadlines and build upon our friendships.

“I’ve done numerous projects with The Preston Partnership over the years and I have nothing but high praise for the firm. Whether a single project or multiple projects, they have always provided great design, reasonable fees, and service that is second to none. They are a terrific group of people and I can recommend them without hesitation.”
– Alan Dean, Terwilliger-Pappas Multifamily Partners