Design Studio


Design is the very essence of what we do as architects and it has always played a critical role in our success at Preston. Our design process is all inclusive, collaborative and completely absent of ego. The buildings we design are inevitably built for the users whether they are residents, retail customers or office tenants. Reinforcing our “studio” approach to architecture, we have always operated a design studio with considerable talent whose focus is solely on the best possible design per dollar per square foot that the budget will allow. Our design process begins with what we call a Vision Session whereby we gather together all stakeholders and brainstorm an eight page agenda covering both programmatic and aesthetic considerations. It has proven hugely successful and gets to the essence of what the project needs to look like in the shortest possible time.


Through 3D computer visualization on our projects, we explore every aspect of the building to ensure compatibility with design intent. You will be amazed at how quickly and realistically we are able to achieve this. We are increasingly producing renderings of complicated buildings earlier and earlier in the process to enable our clients to visualize their projects, to share with their equity partners and lenders, and seek approvals from jurisdictional entities such as design review boards. It’s a total commitment to great design and a complete team effort on behalf of everyone. Our approach is all inclusive and collaborative. It’s always been that way at Preston and it remains one of the aspects of our firm we are most proud to talk about.

“For many years, we have considered The Preston Partnership one of our preferred design professionals, from the accuracy of their planning and preliminary density studies, through design document production, to coordination with the Owner and Contractor team during construction.  We always look to find more business to do with Preston’s team given our long-standing relationship….we see them as a partner in every project, not just a third party consultant.”
– Michael Blair, Pollack Shores Real Estate Group