Construction Spotlight – Square on Fifth

Posted on November 25th, 2014

Construction is moving quickly at Square on Fifth, so the entire project team from TPP took the opportunity to tour the high rise that they have been designing for well over a year. It was a lot of fun for everyone and a great learning experience for the entire team to see building details translated into reality out in the field. Developed by South City Partners and Gateway Development, this 23-story student housing tower on Tech Square in Midtown Atlanta will be complete and ready for move-in by Summer 2015.

After some finagling, we get the team together for a group shot on the latest completed floor.

CS-Square-On-Fifth-02 CS-Square-On-Fifth-03
Arthur Nerbas, Tim Williamson and Richard Kilpatrick survey the latest floor. We capture a quick photo of Stefani Warshaw, the latest addition to Richard’s Team.

Ashleigh Hoppe takes in the sights from the top floor.

It Matters to this One – Canstruction 2014

Posted on November 21st, 2014

The Preston Partnership once again participated in Canstruction Atlanta 2014, a charity competition where the design community competes by creating structures made entirely from canned foods. The recipient of the food and donated funds is the Atlanta Community Food Bank.

This year, the theme of our structure, It Matters To This One, was inspired by the parable of a boy saving stranded starfish by throwing them back into the ocean. In light of the thousands of stranded starfish on the beach, his efforts may have seemed miniscule. But, to each of the individual starfish that were returned to the ocean, his efforts were life-changing. The parable reminds us that our efforts are never in vain, and that the actions of one person CAN make a difference.

Our starfish structure was composed of pink salmon topped with mandarin oranges in gel, while the back wall is a healthy combination of vegetables, beans and coconut milk. The water and sand are comprised of Jell-O snacks and applesauce.

This year’s team included Katy McNulty, Nick Buck, Connor Grace, Andrew Coletta (E+M), Darren Johnson (E+M), Nick Valvo, Carolyn Mraz, Patsy Yike, Ashleigh Hoppe, Ji Soo Park, Tami Wolf, Joe Reboulet, Erin Stachowiak, Todd Reed, Steve Byerly, and Keli Wheelis.

We owe special thanks to Branch Properties and Ellinwood + Machado. Their contributions helped The Preston Partnership team to donate $6,951 worth of food!

After all of the meetings, design work, coordination, and trial builds, the big build begins at Colony Square at 4:30pm on November 6.

It’s a lot of work, but thankfully we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Design precision

Somewhere around 9pm, our team is finished!

Our team at the Canstruction Gala – enjoying a night of fun after all of that hard work!

Our team wins the Honorable Mention!

This year’s entire event was able to bring in a GRAND total of 41,768 lbs of food – that’s over 34,500 meals that will go to people in need around the metro-Atlanta area!

In addition, the Canstruction Committee, in conjunction with sponsors and donations from teams, were able to donate $18,000 in cash to the Atlanta Community Food Bank!!






“I’ve done numerous projects with The Preston Partnership over the years and I have nothing but high praise for the firm. Whether a single project or multiple projects, they have always provided great design, reasonable fees, and service that is second to none. They are a terrific group of people and I can recommend them without hesitation.”
– Alan Dean, Terwilliger-Pappas Multifamily Partners