West 22 – KSU Dorms Walkthrough

Posted on January 31st, 2014

TPP Snowjam 2014!

Posted on January 29th, 2014

TPP Snowjam 2014!

While many of their fellow employees were stuck in traffic for hours trying to get home in unprecedented icy traffic congestion, 20 of our dedicated employees remained at the office finishing up deadlines and ended up stranded overnight.

They started off the evening with good cheer at Taco Mac (thank goodness for walkable neighborhoods!).


Back at the office they had some essential supplies to help get them through the rough evening…


Finally, they hunkered down with couch cushions and jackets for the night.




Early this valtvalacyc.com morning, they were up and back to work! Not sure if they’ll be able to get home today or not. Fortunately, Super Target is open and walkable for any needed supplies and the building management at The Terraces has been very helpful. They’ve opened up showers at the health club and offered assistance wherever possible.


In keeping good cheer, see the lower left corner of this image for a lovely parking deck snow angel made by one of our own!


“For many years, we have considered The Preston Partnership one of our preferred design professionals, from the accuracy of their planning and preliminary density studies, through design document production, to coordination with the Owner and Contractor team during construction.  We always look to find more business to do with Preston’s team given our long-standing relationship….we see them as a partner in every project, not just a third party consultant.”
– Michael Blair, Pollack Shores Real Estate Group